Based in Dublin, Jasmina is a freelance screenwriter, script editor
and lecturer.
Apart from developing her own screenplays, Jasmina has a long
track record of working as a script editor/consultant with Irish and
UK production and broadcasting companies on an array of
TV/film projects.
She is also a professional ghostwriter, with action thrillers and
teen/Young Adult fiction among her ghostwriting output.
 Script editor~Screenwriter~Lecturer
What’s New
novel Beat
Girl  is now
available on
Beat Girl is on YouTube,
transmedia teen
series GirlHeartBoy
just kicked off, check it out 
And that’s not all
Jasmina has been selected
as one of the finalists of the
Untitled screenwriting
competition with Das Irland,
a ‘what if’ take on the fateful
events of 1916.
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Jasmina's IFB-funded thriller
Honoured is now in
development with Ripple
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interview for novelicious!