Jasmina holds a PhD in Interactive Screenwriting from University
College Dublin. The emphasis of the research was on screenwriting
in computer games, webseries and interactive film/drama, and
discovering if, where and how ‘classical’ screenwriting practices
apply in this new context of digital interactive media, and
identifying new rules and configurations.
Jasmina actively presents her findings on the subject of Interactive
Screenwriting at various conferences (see below) and has
published widely (see below) on a range of topics in film and
digital media.
Publishers bfi (Palgrave MacMillan) have commissioned Jasmina
to write a book on the influences of games and digital media on
contemporary film, and the publishing date of 'Ludic Cinema' is
anticipated for late 2013.
Jasmina guest lectures at the Huston School of Film & Digital
Media and Filmbase (Dublin), at both undergraduate and masters
levels. Taught subjects include Screenwriting, Film Theory & History,
Game Studies and Digital Media Theory.
In May 2009, Jasmina was awarded the ‘Innovation in Teaching’
Award from UCD for her work on the Intersections in Film and
Digital Media module.
 Script editor~Screenwriter~Lecturer
Research Links
Quixotic Windmills in Computer Game Narrative;  Creative Collaborations: Comparative Readings and
Writings; UCD Seminar Series, April ‘07
And They Gamed Happily Ever After;  Digital Games Theory & Design, Postgraduate Conference;   Brunel
University, London, Sept 2007
I Play Films; Postgraduate Research Symposium;  UCD, April 2008
Invited as speaker to closed Symposium on Digital Narratives; Huston School of Film & Digital Media, Galway,
May ‘08
If, on an interactive whim, a film buff; Postgraduate Film Research Seminar, Trinity College Dublin Sept 2008
Soaps, Vlogs & Shoot-‘Em-Ups; Video Vortex Conference, Split, May 2009
Video Vortex links:
Perry Bard’s article on Video Vortex, Replay Remix:
Film and Film Culture, Issue 5 – Frontiers and Futures in Digital Media: Digital Media-inspired Films
The Journal of Screenwriting, Vol. 1, Issue1 – Cyber-Aristotle, Towards an Interactive Poetics
Book Chapter in: Interdisciplinary Models and Tools for Serious Games, University of North Dakota press (to be
published in early 2010): Re-thinking Genre in Computer Games
Film Criticism in the Age of the Internet, Cineaste
Carte Noire French Film Festival, Film Ireland
No Wave - Tales From the Blank Generation, Film Ireland
The Critic is Dead, Film Ireland
The Rise of the Machine, Film Ireland
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