Script editor~Screenwriter~Lecturer
Honoured - thriller - currently in development with Ripple World Pictures
Frozen River meets Thelma and Louise: IFB-funded feature, Honoured  follows LEILA, an Iranian immigrant
trying to save herself from an honour killing.  When a women's shelter worker wants to help her, it comes at a
GirlHeartBoy - teen transmedia series, launched June 2012, check it out HERE!
Developed by BeActive Media and based on the eponymous Penguin-published teen
series, GirlHeartBoy follows six teens from Brighton as they come to terms with first love, first
sexual experiences, broken hearts and broken friendships.
U.S.E. - United States of Europe - crime thriller TV series - currently being developed through the ENGAGE
Based in Brussels, in the EU Parliament, with a cosmpolitan forensic linguist protagonist, and a pan-European
ensemble, the first season focusses on exposing a conspiracy theory when the EU decide to fast-track Turkey
into the EU in order to save the Euro.  When a group of European high school boys go missing, the far right
pounce on this mysterious tragedy, blaming Turkey's EU membership, but this turns out to be much more than
a simple East-West conflict that's brewing.
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